About Nexera

Nexera is a leading healthcare consulting firm with roots in operations improvement and supply chain management.

Nexera delivers solutions tailored to improve hospital and health-system performance. Using a value-driven approach that ties total costs and patient outcomes to financial reimbursements, we design engagements around each client’s resources and business culture, ensuring that our work generates sustainable results.

With supply chain as our cornerstone, our services span all points along the value chain. From recruitment to procurement, connected technologies to clinical outcomes, and maximized revenue to population health management, we help each of our clients find success.

Why We’re Different

Healthcare Expertise

Healthcare Expertise

Nexera’s industry experts have held positions in hospital leadership, management, and clinical roles ’ so we know firsthand the day-to-day challenges you face.

Results, Not Recommendations

Results, Not Just Recommendations

For us, sustainable means actionable and replicable beyond the engagement, so we help our clients implement meaningful change, leaving them with much more than a final report and an invoice.

>A Framework for Strategic Decision Making

Strategic Decision-Making Framework

Like patient care, hospital operations must evolve beyond silos. Nexera’s approach weighs the total cost of supplies, the impact on care quality, and total financial outcomes based on reimbursements. From product selection to process improvements, we aim to find the CQO intersection in every project.

Legacy of Hospital Service

Legacy of Hospital Service

As part of the Greater New York Hospital Association business family, Nexera understands how policy and regulatory issues impact your business operations. We help you succeed in the current healthcare environment while preparing you for future challenges.

Helping Our Clients Achieve Greater Success.

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