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<span>Webinar</span> First Steps to Integrating Pathways Post M&A

A merger & acquisition movement has emerged as providers seek to make sense of the value-based care models being encouraged by CMS and other payers. However, these legal ties don’t automatically lead to system-wide standardization; many steps must be taken to blend and streamline operations between two entities. Clinical engagement is integral to creating financial and supply chain “systemness.” This presentation helps healthcare leaders better anticipate M&A challenges and prepares them for identifying how clinical integration impacts new infrastructure, and creating standardized processes that reduce variability and improve healthcare outcomes post M&A.

<span>Whitepaper</span> Doctor’s Orders: Steps for a Successful Physician-Led Value Analysis Process

While the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may hang in the balance of the White House transition, the shift from volume-based payments to value-driven reimbursements is well underway.

<span>Infographic</span> Ten Ways to Engage Your Docs Effectively

Getting physician buy-in is one of the biggest challenges healthcare executives face in the transition to value-based care. Here are the keys to success.

<span>Webinar</span> They Are the Champions: Recruiting Docs for Your Value Analysis Team

In the new value-based healthcare delivery model, medical staff is a hospital’s greatest potential ally and asset. Hear a surgeon’s perspective on the best methods for approaching and engaging physicians in leading clinical value-driven purchasing decisions.

<span>Webinar</span> Maximizing the Return on Your Value-Based Mission

The key to overcoming value-based challenges is to obtain a better understanding of the changing landscape and the relationship between financial success and operational improvements. Learn from Dr. Bruce Vladeck, a healthcare policy and finance expert who brings unrivaled insight into how healthcare executives can execute their organization's strategic initiatives while dealing with diminishing margins.

<span>Case Study</span> Management Services & Value Analysis

An urban community hospital with a Level I Trauma designation; its patients are primarily Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. The client is a major provider of dialysis treatment and ambulatory care services, with more than half a million outpatient visits annually. It is one of the largest providers of mental health and dental services in its service area. Affiliated with two medical schools, the facility trains approximately 250 physicians each year and offers residency programs in a variety of disciplines. The hospital has over 2,500 employees, with a heavily unionized workforce.

<span>Case Study</span> Revenue Cycle Evaluation

An urban, not-for-profit hospital that merged with another hospital several years ago to create an integrated healthcare delivery system. The organization cares for more than 270,000 patients annually and has over 1,500 employees, making it one of the largest employers in the area.

<span>Case Study</span> Targeted Cost Reduction

An ACO that is also an academic medical center located in a large metropolitan area, with nearly 1,500 beds across several campuses. It currently serves patients throughout the New York tri-state region.

<span>Case Study</span> Cost Reduction Assessment

A non-profit healthcare system composed of a network of hospitals, primary care centers, and other community organizations. The several acute care hospitals total in excess of 1,000 beds, 45,000 admissions, and 900,000 outpatient visits per year.

<span>Case Study</span> Inventory Reduction Initiative

A multi-hospital integrated delivery system with more than 1,600 beds, 60,000 admissions, 800,000 outpatient visits, and 170,000 emergency room visits each year.

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