Performance Improvement

Moving internal silos to centralized processes requires a collaborative approach, be it department-specific or system-wide.

With a focus on quality, effectiveness, data, and system economy, we tailor evidence-based process solutions that maximize resources while delivering superior patient care.

Perioperative Services

Our experts bring an objective yet practiced eye to assessing your Perioperative Department. The end-result is a system that is both cost-effective and marketable as a result of operational effectiveness, patient experience, and staff satisfaction. The introduction of lean processes and procedures helps to create operational efficiencies through managing and decreasing variability, meeting supply chain demands while managing costs, and matching procedural access to hospital capacity. Nexera’s methodology concentrates on improving the success of delivered services to maximize resource utilization, enhance care delivery, minimize process dependency gaps, and increase patient and physician satisfaction. Our collaborative style integrates clinical and management leadership teams with healthcare professionals to achieve and sustain change. In addition to operational improvements, Nexera concentrates on perioperative business practices, including inventory management, business management, operational structure, and throughput.

Supply Chain Enhancement

Nexera’s supply chain team collaborates with your organization to evaluate your current supply chain state before designing and implementing a system that incorporates the right mix of best practices. Whether solely in the operating room or enterprise-wide, our experts evaluate contracting, requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, distribution, inventory management—as well as the interaction between all areas—to develop and deliver successful, sustained methods and internal controls.

Value Analysis

Nexera’s value analysis team serves as group facilitators for assessing supply spend, engaging clinical staff in strategy formation, tracking and validating savings, and creating organization-wide accountability. Our multidisciplinary, physician-led model empowers clinicians to participate in purchasing decisions while driving improved patient outcomes and reduced costs. Hospitals may select from three service tiers with varying levels and lengths of engagement: a comprehensive assessment, implementation and transition, or complete outsource.

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