Technology Optimization

Managing your data well is key to understanding costs, boosting revenue, and improving performance.

Technology Optimization

As an unbiased third party, we advise on acquiring new infrastructure, building onto existing infrastructure, or replacing old infrastructure. We also facilitate the implementation and use of technology as well as the organizational change management that is required based on its recommendations. Nexera has developed a methodology to provide peer comparisons for supply chain technology and its interaction with downstream systems. Using this model, we works with your hospital leadership to identify and analyze current practices, and design custom solutions that address global or department-specific process and technology challenges.

Nexera’s unique project management-focused approach is designed to enhance organizations’ specific activities without affecting daily operations (such as supply chain reporting, data, inventory management, physician preference cards, etc.). We work with your organization to understand data challenges in the supply chain and clinical areas, and build optimization solutions that maximize value.

Helping Our Clients Achieve Greater Success.

Perry Sham, Vice PresidentTechnology Optimization