Workforce Solutions

Weighing core competencies versus outsourcing opportunities is critical to efficient operations.

As strategic associates in workforce enhancement, we integrate our team with yours to create replicable, cost-saving processes. We supply high-quality, experienced staff to help build and implement supply management and procurement practices that support operational efficacy and financial goals. We can provide either level of service (below) in a variety of areas, including purchasing, contracts, management, value analysis, warehouse and inventory, sterile processing, materials management, environmental services, laundry and linen, and materials management information systems.

Short-Term Engagement

We can provide management services on a short-term basis, during which our consultants supply a detailed review of your operations, offering appropriate recommendations while overseeing day-to-day management support.

Comprehensive Engagement

This longer-term engagement integrates a comprehensive supply chain cost management program at your facility. Nexera implements its recommendations and works with your entire team to promote organization-wide initiatives across all service levels.

Helping Our Clients Achieve Greater Success.

Perry Sham, Vice PresidentWorkforce Solutions