About Us

Nexera is a healthcare consulting firm. The supply chain is the cornerstone of our services, which span from service line-based cost reduction to process improvement in the perioperative space.

Our service model delivers solutions that are actionable and replicable beyond a consulting engagement to help our clients implement meaningful change. We don’t just offer recommendations—we provide results.


Awards and Recognitions

Mission, Vision & Values


To serve hospitals and health systems by advancing healthcare improvement through the supply chain.


To improve healthcare by transforming hospital supply chains into clinically integrated programs that are focused on improving the quality of care and reducing total operating expenses.


  1. First and foremost, we are healthcare advocates for our clients.
  2. We are committed to the highest standards of business ethics. We are transparent and socially responsible.
  3. We serve individual clients, and we provide solutions to their unique needs.
  4. The expertise of our people is our greatest asset.
  5. By delivering not just recommendations but results, we work with our clients to implement meaningful, sustainable change.