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The Healthcare Supply Chain:
Best Practices for Operating at the Intersection of Cost, Quality, and Outcomes

The supply chain is critical to a provider’s ability to deliver quality care at a lower cost. A look back at the history of healthcare delivery reveals how the function of the supply chain has evolved alongside reimbursement policies. It’s no different today. In fact, the supply chain has never been more important or in a better position to make a positive impact on healthcare and patients’ lives. However, supply chain professionals must be equipped with the right tools in order to succeed in a value-based environment.

Nexera and its sister company, the healthcare group purchasing organization Acurity, have released The Healthcare Supply Chain: Best Practices for Operating at the Intersection of Cost, Quality, and Outcomes—the second edition of our 2015 book. It describes how to enhance the supply chain’s strategic contribution so that supply chain professionals are prepared to lead initiatives that examine all healthcare delivery costs and their correlation to care quality and financial outcomes. This is called operating at the intersection of cost, quality, and outcomes—also known as CQO. The information in this book is written in the form of easy-to-follow best practices and key performance indicators. No matter where a hospital’s supply chain is on the path to CQO, this book will provide guidance for how to make incremental improvements and work toward optimal performance.

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This book was developed to enhance understanding of what constitutes best practice for supply chain operations in a patient-centered healthcare environment. The next step for hospital leaders and supply chain executives is to consider where their supply chain department stands. To help make this determination, Nexera’s subject matter experts have created the Hospital Supply Chain Performance Self-Assessment™, a free online tool that enables hospital and health system leaders to benchmark current supply chain performance against the areas covered in our book:

  • Clinical Supply Chain Integration & Value Analysis
  • Contracting
  • Data Management
  • Finance & Alternative Data Sets
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Receiving & Distribution
  • Requisitioning & Purchasing
  • Supply Chain Education

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